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2023 PEB Meeting: Disturbance Ready Restoration

Session Introduction

How can we cultivate Disturbance-Ready Restoration _in Hawaiʻi_.png

Photos of Discussion Murals

Maldaptive Practices


Before ECE


Barriers to Impelentation


After ECE


Follow-up Questions:

  1. What actions were common among a disturbance/unique to a disturbance?

  2. Within a disturbance, what adaptation actions were the same for before and after, and which ones were unique to their temporal context (conducted either before OR after).

  3. Was there contradicting information across disturbance type regarding adaptive practices--where there practices that were considered maladaptive for one disturbance but adaptive for another?

  4. What barriers to implementation were common across disturbance types, and which were unique?

  5. Any other emergent themes

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