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Glyphosate (GLY)

Glyphosate is a glycine amino acid analogue, interrupting EPSP synthase and inhibiting synthesis of aromatic amino acids (i.e., phenylalanine, tryptophan, and tyrosine), leading to a fairly rapid sequence of chlorosis, necrosis, and death. It is a broad-spectrum, non-selective herbicide that is effective on a wide range of species and is particularly ef- fective on grasses. Drift injury to grasses and brush species is a common hazard of foliar over-application.

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  • Synopsis

  • Herbicide Details

    • Chemical Formula

    • Trade Names

    • Manufacturers

    • Use Against Natural Area Weeds

    • Mode of Action

    • Dissipation Mechanisms

      • Volatilization​

      • Photodegradation

      • Microbial Degradation

      • Adsorption

      • Chemical Decomposition

    • Behavior in the Environment ​​

      • Soils​

      • Water

      • Vegetation 

    • Environmental Toxicity ​​

      • Birds and Mammals​

      • Aquatic Species

      • Other Non-Target Organisms

    • Application Considerations

    • Safety Measures

    • Human Toxicology

    • References

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