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Ecosystems Work

UH Ecosystems Work is a Cooperative Extension Program that provides evidence-based problem solving and best practices so conservation and watershed workers can effectively maintain and restore thriving ecosystems and landscapes in Hawaiʻi.


The efforts of UH Ecosystems Work are geared toward realizing the following goals:

Connection to ʻĀina. Communities share a deep sense of kuleana for Hawaiiʻs landscapes. They have an understanding of, vision for, and means of contributing to thriving landscapes and ecosystems.


Support for ʻĀina Stewardship Professionals. Conservation and watershed workers have adequate training and career opportunities


Thriving ʻĀina. Conservation and restoration efforts are effective, evidence-based, and targeting clear objectives


Knowledge Sharing. Conservation and watershed stewards’ knowledge, needs, and practices are identified and communicated among each other, researchers, and boundary organizations.


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Field Work Basics &

Mountain Safety

Safe practices are critical for effective watershed work

Predator Control

Reduce the harm of small introduced mammals


Methods for protecting and enhancing native Hawaiian species diversity, habitat, and ecosystems

Ungulates & Fencing

in Conservation

Pigs, sheep, goats, and deer in Hawaiʻi require respectful and thoughtful approaches towards both people and place

Weed Management

Approaches for dealing with plants that are out of place


Additional resources

Latest Resources

2022 Oʻahu Weed Management Workshop

In May of 2022, the Oʻahu Weed Management Group hosted their annual Weed Management and Restoration Workshop. It included presentations and virtual site visits from 15 programs as well as breakout discussions on the "Weed Spreadsheet" and on community engagement.

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