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Mongoose Kill Traps
Prepared by Tyler Bogardus

Mongoose Kill Traps.jpg

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Safety Concerns

  • Personal Protection Equipment

    • Always wear gloves and close-toed shoes, for safety and scent-control, while setting and handling Doc250s and Bodygrip traps

    • Doc250 setting tool (optional)

    • Keep Fingers/hands out off working area of all traps

    • Professional training recommended

    • Read instructions/cautions before working with these types of traps

    • Supplemental safety grippers and Doc250 safety recommended

Modification and Maintenance

  • Plywood Doc250 and Bodygrip Boxes

    • (Doc250)

    • 3⁄4-inch PlyForm plywood

    • Three sheets of 1⁄2-inch galvanized hardware cloth

    • 3 1⁄4-inch entrance holes are cut out of the hardware cloth to exclude non-target species, including water birds, dogs and cats 

  • Other Bodygrip sets

    • Plastic buckets, cubbies, wire mesh, H stands, Stakealizer

  • Bodygrip pan add-ons

  • Doc250 Pan Tension

    • Test/adjust pan tension yearly (90-150 grams)

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Screen Shot 2024-05-13 at 18.37.12.png

Doc250 box instructions

Screen Shot 2024-05-13 at 18.37.49.png

Body grip set with pan addition

Where to Set

  • Large-Scale Site Selection

    • 100meter X 500-1000meter grid for mongooses in areas with high abundance

  • Within-Site Set Location

    • Installed in appropriate boxes/non-target exclusionary devices

    • On trail or just off trail

  • Areas to Avoid

    • Avoid trails with easy public access

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Screen Shot 2024-05-13 at 18.38.33.png

Trap boxes being deployed

How to Set

  • Prepare the Set Location

    • Traps must be bedded properly, not tipsy

    • Level ground

  • Set the Doc250

    • Kneel behind the box, pull the kill bar towards you

    • One hand braces box, other hand levers kill bar up, switch so both hands pull and both thumbs brace

    • Squeeze until kill bar is sitting behind trigger and locks in place in front of the nub

  • Set the Bodygrip trap

    • See poster on body grip traps for cats

  • GoodNature Mongoose trap

    • Install on tree or stake ~30cm high

    • See poster on A24s for detailed information on setting GoodNature traps

  • Final Setting

    • Before leaving the site remove all trap safeties and add flagging so that trail users are warned of the trap’s presence in advance

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Screen Shot 2024-05-13 at 18.39.04.png

Body grip pan and wire trigger comparison

How to Check

  • Visual Inspection

    • Look over the entire trap set-up and observe the trap status and site surrounding the trap for evidence of animal presence

  • Cleaning Doc250

    • Make trap is safe by setting and installing safety

    • Remove carcass with gloved hand, remove wire mesh baffles if necessary

    • Use wire brush to clean trap and trigger mechanism

    • Remove/replace bait

    • Remove safety and set trap

  • Cleaning Bodygrip

    • Remove mesh and trap

    • Re-set the trap and install safeties to remove the carcass

    • Use wire brush to clean springs, trap and trigger

    • Re-position trap

    • Remove safeties

    • Test firing of all bodygrips should occur once per month

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Screen Shot 2024-05-13 at 18.39.38.png

New Zealand DOC Maintenance instructions

Screen Shot 2024-05-13 at 18.40.14.png

Mongoose captured in Doc250


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Screen Shot 2024-05-13 at 18.41.23.png

Stabilizers at

Screen Shot 2024-05-13 at 18.40.51.png

Plastic cubbies at

Miscellaneous Details

  • Doc250s are preferred single set trap for mongooses at this time

  • If bodygrips are used then pans are recommended instead of traditional triggers

  • GoodNature Mongoose traps (A18) should be available soon (Current A24 does kill mongooses too)

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Screen Shot 2024-05-13 at 18.41.54.png

3 mongooses killed by A24

Miscellaneous Details
Where to Set
Modification and Maintenance
Safety Concerns
How to Set
How to Check
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