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OmniM2M Remote Trap Sensors and Predator Trap Monitoring
Prepared by George Akau and Ajay Sikka

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Maui Field Trials 2015-2018

  • Central hub with sensors relaying signals off each other

    • Factors that guided changes to sensor design were mainly attributed to poor signal

  • Changes were made to trap sensor design for different habitats and target predators

    • Buried with trap or placed in low-lying areas in landscape

    • Cubby sets in rock crevices and outcroppings

  • Trap deployment trials on Maui demonstrated 3 month reporting capabilities

  • Traps triggered during day were mongoose and night triggered traps were cats

  • Placed on Doc250, Body Grip, Cage, Bird, Box, Coral, and Foothold traps

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Central hub design with solar panel

Modification and Maintenance

  • Protecting trap sensor

    • Secure protective layer to electrical wire running from sensor to antennae

  • Waterproofing trap sensors

    • Keep o-ring intact and clean of debris

  • Securing trap sensor to traps

    • Securing sensor onto footholds using screws and ideal attachment locations

  • Reporting software

    • Manage multiple accounts by customer or region

    • Assign people to different areas, link alert phone/email address, create internal reports and setup custom alerts

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Sensor in armed position

Where to Set

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  • Deploying trap sensors

    • OmniM2M PestWatchTM comes with cellular Internet standard and lets you deploy traps without finding a WiFi network or installing a line of sight system

    • Resource management camp/cabin sites and management units

    • Predator ingress locations along trap lines or trapping grids

    • Native Hawaiian Seabird colonies and Hawaiian rare plant management areas

    • Concern for non-targets

  • Areas to avoid

    • Publicly accessible areas known for vandalization or trap tampering

    • No Verizon coverage

    • Cracks, crevices, and caves that sensor antennae will not pick up signal

OmniM2M Pestwatch Dashboard

Device Management fetures

How to Set

  • Prepare the set location

    • Find game trail or corridor and clear the ground of brush, sticks, and debris

    • Create a funnel to trap position if predator trail is wider than trap set

    • Check for Verizon cell phone coverage

  • Set the trap sensor

    • Attach magnets to trap sensor and confirm an armed trap report through text message or website

  • Anchor trap in position predator will not get tangled or damage antennae line

    • Position anchor cable coming of trap in opposite direction of trap sensor antennae line

    • Run trap sensor antennae line away from where trapped predator will be held

  • Camouflage

    • Bury trap sensor electrical line and place rocks along buried line

    • Secure to trees or near by natural features

  • Final Setting

    • Before leaving trap set remove safeties, take gps point, record trap monitoring/setting gps feature, and mark with flagging, warning stickers, and metal tag number

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How to Check

  • Log into OmniM2M PestWatchTM website

    • Create username and password and log into website

    • Turn on trap sensor notifications

  • Test-Firing

    • Separate magnets in simulated trap triggered scenario and receive a text message report

  • Re-Setting a triggered trap sensor

    • Reconnect the magnets and wait for a trap armed text message​

  • SMS/Email Alerts

    • When a trap is activated and sustains activity levels, a message is automatically sent to operations personnel 

  • OmniM2M PestWatchTM

    • Track pest issues remotely, identify problem areas, and get real-time activity reports

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Action oriented alerts


  • Antennae styles:

    • Internal or external

  • Trap sensor trigger mechanism:

    • Internal or external

    • Magnet or non-magnetized

  • Vendors and suppliers:

    • OmniM2M

  • Monthly Payments:

    • For a low monthly fee, get your hardware, wireless data plan, and cloud software, to monitor your bait stations and/or traps

  • Contact:

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Deploy local asset tracking

Miscellaneous Details

  • Increase efficiency

    • Reduce unnecessary truck rolls with wireless Internet enabled rodent and pest traps that let operation personnel know when traps have been activated

  • No installation required

    • Each OmniM2M PestWatchTM device, comes with an antenna, sensors, cage/trap (optional) and a long lasting rechargeable battery standard, and is fully provisioned on the Verizon wireless network

  • Other trap sensors or reporting options

    • Celium working on getting licenses and field trials in Hawaii

    • Telonics uses telemetry and need to go into field to monitor with line of sight

    • Game Camera (Moultrie) text message field trials on Maui

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