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2022 Oʻahu Weed Management & Restoration Workshop



8:00am - Event Opens

8:10am-9:45am - Weed Management

          8:10am   Cenchrus echinatus Eradication on Nihoa: Rachel Rounds | US Fish and Wildlife

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          8:25am   Aerial Control Methods for Forest Invaders: Nate Dube | Oʻahu Invasive Species Committee

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          8:40am   Introduction to the Statewide Noxious Invasive Pest Program (SNIPP): Richard Pender & Danielle Frohlich |                                           SWCA Environmental Consultants

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          8:55am   Chromolaena Odorata Detection Dog Program: From Proof-of-Concept to Operational: Kyoko Johnson |                                             Conservation Dogs

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          9:10am   Lessons Learned from Aerial Invasive Fern Mapping Techniques Across Large Landscapes: Emma Yuen &                                             Dylan Davis | HI Native Ecosystems Protection & Mgmt

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          9:20am   Rapid ʻŌhiʻa Death Update: JB Friday & James Harmon | UH Extension & HI Native Ecosystems Protection & Mgmt

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          9:35am   Pesticide Training Needs Survey: Melissa Kunz | UH Extension

9:45am-9:55am - Break

9:55am-11:50am - Restoration

9:55am    Intensive Vegetation Management: Missy Valdez, Chris Lum, Petelo Maosi | Army Natural Resources Program on                      Oʻahu

10:20am  What limits natural regeneration in koa restoration forests, and how do we get around it?: Stephanie Yelenik | US                      Forest Service

10:35am  Small-scale, High-intensity Forest Restoration Using Manual Weed Control & Outplanting: JC Watson | Koʻolau                          Mountains Watershed Partnership

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          10:50am  10 Years of Restoration in Waiʻanae: Yumi Miyata | Waiʻanae Mountains Watershed Partnership

          11:05am  Hydrogel Granules: Novel Method for Native Tree Reforestation in Degraded Soil Conditions: Frankie Koethe &                                Brad Suenishi | Koʻolau Mountains Watershed Partnership

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          11:20am  Utilizing Stemflow Collars on Non-Native Plants to Capture Water for Restoration Activities: Amy Tsuneyoshi, Jamie                            Tanino, and Judy Journeay | Honolulu Board of Water Supply

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          11:35am  Plant Propagation Spreadsheet: Paul Zweng | ‘Ōhulehule Forest Conservancy

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11:50am-12:20pm - Lunch

12:20pm-1:30pm - Community

  • Mobilizing the Masses - Community Engagement in Conservation: Presentations followed by facilitated JamBoard discussio

    •  Growing a Community Restoration Project: Jason Preble, Tyrone Montayre, Ryan Chang | Protect & Preserve Hawaii

    • Mālama Puʻuloa Community Engagement & Empowerment: Sandy Ward | Hui o Hoʻohonua

1:30pm-2:30pm - Tools

  • Leveling Up the Weed Spreadsheet: Presentation followed by facilitated discussion Clay Trauernicht & Jane Beachy | UH Extension & Army Natural Resources Program on Oʻahu

2:30pm Closing & Pau

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PDF Agenda

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