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Logic Model


A Logic Model depicts how a program is expected to make a positive difference in the world through cause and effect. Logic models visually show the relationships between the resources used to carry out program activities and the expected impact of those activities towards reaching a desired state. Logic models provide a guiding framework that allows the program to set goals and evaluate progress toward them.


The UH Ecosystems Work's logic model describes:

Impacts (Long-term Vision)

Connection to ʻĀina. Communities share a deep sense of kuleana for Hawaiiʻs landscapes. They have an understanding of, vision for, and means of contributing to thriving landscapes and ecosystems.


Support for ʻĀina Stewardship Professionals. Conservation and watershed workers have adequate training and career opportunities


Thriving ʻĀina. Conservation and restoration efforts are effective, evidence-based, and targeting clear objectives


Knowledge Sharing. Conservation and watershed stewards’ knowledge, needs, and practices are identified and communicated among each other, researchers, and boundary organizations.

Desired Outcomes (Short- & Medium-term Wins) 

  • Opportunities & know-how for engaging in stewardship

  • Learning materials about HI ecosystems and their management are readily accessed and used

  • Data & communication attract sustained adequate funding 

  • Increased “people capacity”

  • Accessible professional development, mentorship, and peer support

  • Minimal barriers to conservation actions

  • Practical, available, and tested strategies

  • Well-defined metrics of success

  • Increased monitoring capacity

  • Consistent & effective knowledge exchange opportunities

  • Reliable feedback mechanisms between researchers & practitioners

  • More/better syntheses of conservation/restoration strategies 

Potential Program Activities

  • Presentations, Workshops, Forums, and Trainings

  • Tools & data for communicating with funders & legislators

  • Press releases & news articles

  • ​Technical guides

  • Videos, posters, fact sheets, social media posts

  • Repository/ directory of info

  • Curriculum development

  • Practice-based, manager co-led experiments

  • Monitoring partnerships

  • Templates for planning & executing gatherings

  • Repository/ directory of information and organizations

  • Materials and gatherings re: Emerging Technologies 

Program Inputs

  • Staff & staff time

  • Partner time, labor, and access

  • Website development

  • Video production materials & software

  • Digital media creation software

  • Conservation organization info

  • Funding

  • Meeting facilities/ venues

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