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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Hawaiʻi Conservation Conference

- Abstract Submission Close Feb 23, Event July 30 to Aug 1 -


Dates for the 2024 Hawaiʻi Conservation Conference have been announced! Mark your calendars for July 30 - Aug 1, 2024, at the Hawaiʻi Convention Center. All abstracts are due on February 23, 2024, by 5 pm! See the HCA's Call for Abstracts for more information including abstract guidelines, and submission directions.

Resource Library

Resource Library

Discussions Around Disturbance Ready Restoration

At the 2023 Pacific Entomological and Botanical Meeting, we collaborated with some manager/researcher colleagues with the National Tropical Botanical Garden (NTBG) and Pacific Regional Invasive Species and Climate Change Management Network (Pacific RISCC) to lead a discussion around sharing and developing disaster ready restoration practices in the face of shifting Extreme Climate Event regimes, such as hurricane winds and flooding, wildfire and drought.

2023 Oʻahu Weed Management & Restoration Workshop

The annual Weed Management and Restoration Workshop was back in-person this year! Folks from all over the state gathered in Kaneʻohe to explore the development of weed management and restoration knowledge, assess current resources for communicating management practices, share updates on tools and technologies, community engagement and outreach, and talk-story during the ever-popular tool-tailgate! Mahalo all for making this workshop a great success.

Revitalizing Weed Workshops 

UH Ecosystems Work program organized a forum at the 2023 Hawai'i Conservation Conference to gauge interest in bringing back spaces fro practitioners to address weed and restoration related issues. Breakout groups discussed what they would like to see for meetings in their county and some of the challenges to work through when bringing groups of people together.

Extension Needs-Finding Process

As a new Extension program, UH Ecosystems Work has undertaken a needs-finding process that includes formal and informal methods for understanding how we can best serve the Hawaiʻi conservation community.

2022 Oʻahu Weed Management & Restoration Workshop

In May of 2022, the Oʻahu Weed Management Group hosted their annual Weed Management and Restoration Workshop. It included presentations and virtual site visits from 15 programs as well as breakout discussions on the "Weed Spreadsheet" and on community engagement.

The Need For Seed Forum

UH Ecosystems Work program organized a forum at the 2023 Hawai'i Conservation Conference that asked attendees to identify the requirements and bottlenecks for native seed provisioning and plant production from the perspectives of Seed Collectors, Plant Producers and Plant Users.

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